The Click Speed Test is Featured on Kohi

The Click Speed Test is featured on Kohi.png

What is the Kohi Click Test?

Kohi click test is a method to decide the ratio of clicks per second. It is equivalent to extra click test programs, with the only notable disparity being that it is featured on a Minecraft server learned as Kohi.

The Kohi server is famous for the Hard Core Factions game methods. Kohi is an offshoot of MineHG, whereas the latter is based on Minecraft PVP (MCPVP). Now, Brawl Games own the MCPVP but was originally developed by 'hclewk.'

Several click speed programs permit users to recognize their mouse-clicking speed over a provided time frame. In most cases, the Kohi Click Test is used by those who play Minecraft. Players take the test to enhance their mouse-clicking speed to execute better in the game.

Why Clicking Speed Is Essential?

Generally, gamers are more interested in the speed at which they can click the mouse, which enables them to maximize their performance. Players are needed to have fast finger movements to execute better in Minecraft.

Data from separate forums indicate that players with 6-7 clicks per second are satisfactory. Minecraft PvP Combat requires players to be able to swing their swords at least ten times in a second, which equates to 10 clicks per second. The quicker the clicking, the more options that a player can hit the enemy. Meanwhile, people claim that clicking speed does matter, but at the same time, it has to be correct.

What is clicks per Second (CPS)?

The Click Speed Test is featured on Kohi.jpg

CPS stands for clicks per second and is an indicator people use for checking how fast they can click while playing a game or doing something else on the computer. Results of clicks speed test usually depend on equipment or machine you are utilizing such as computer mouse of mouse pad of your laptop etc. According to tech experts, a regular mouse linked with a desktop computer has more action to perform more clicks and your kohi click test results would be heightened in results.

Know Your Clicking Speed

Globally gamers accept the click speed test to enhance their gaming ability, but multiple have created a click speed test for a game by itself. Sounds atypical, but somebody does compete to obtain the most clicks per allocated time frame.

Players can define the speed at which they can scan several mouse clicks they can hit in a provided time frame. In this case, the score is based on CPS (clicks per second), which is the number of clicks during a given period of time. The higher the number of clicks, the higher the score.

Below are the steps to test your click speed per 5 seconds:

  1. Start the game by pressing the ‘Click Here’ button on the grey box.
  2. The game begins with the first click, so, resume clicking the mouse within the grey box.
  3. A timer indicates how much time the player has left to click the last button.
  4. The last score is presented as the timer finishes.

How to click faster than ever before

Some practices are listed below that can help you improve your clicks per second speed, or you can use free Autoclicker software from to automate your clicking.

Try different clicking speed techniques

You can make use of clicking speed test websites such as Jitter clicking or Butterfly clicking not only to test your click speed but to improve it as well because they can make your finger muscles stronger to click faster than ever by using a computer mouse.

1. Prefer a computer mouse instead of a laptop trackpad

When you really want to enhance your clicking speed to beat your challenger when playing a game, you should utilize a mouse rather than the trackpad as a mouse can support your click faster.

2. Use the clicking keys in the best way

You should use the clicking keys of your mouse properly in order to create more clicks per second when there is a race between you and your friend to inspect how fast both of you can click. You should also be fast to press the keys quickly when required.

3. Choose the best gaming mouse for better results

As gaming mouses are specifically designed to deliver the best achievable performance, the use of the best gaming mouse like the Razer mouse can support you experience enhanced scores during the kohi speed test. You can also explore the web to discover the best and most valid gaming mouse for yourself.

4. Keep practicing

Practice creates everything excellent and if you also like to enjoy improved clicking speed while playing a game on a PC, you should be rehearsing the clicking by utilizing various click speed test websites to check and enhance your clicks per second proportion.

Types of Fast Clicking to Improve CPS

The Click Speed Test is featured on Kohi (1).png

Fast clicking is useful often in different games and sometimes it can be the deciding point to become the winner! Gamers use a lot of clicking techniques to gain higher clicks per second and get an additional benefit over competitors.

I have noted the four main clicking techniques and their average click speed in the table below.

Regular Clicking

Regular Clicking is just the way you use your mouse to click on everyday routine tasks like browsing the web, editing documents, etc.

At regular clicking speed, you can gain a CPS score of 3-6 clicks per second on average. Although some pro gamers have gained more than 8 CPS in regular clicking.

The benefit of sticking to the regular clicking is that it allows you to have a good aim in fights, but, on the other hand, results in lower CPS in the clicking test.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter Clicking is a progressive method of mouse clicking that provides better clicks per second. Using this method, you can almost gain a click speed twice as fast as a regular click.

Following is a simple tutorial to learn how to jitter click and support your score more in Jitter Click Test.

This method involves rapidly shaking the muscles in your arm to the wrist to rapidly press the mouse button. To do that, you must stiffen or tense your wrist a little and try to vibrate the hand to make that ‘jitter’ effect.

Originally, it will be difficult to get it right. But with a few slow tries, you will be capable to do the Jitter click. The benefit of Jitter clicking is having an extremely high click speed from 10 to 14 CPS (depending on the skill and practice).

Butterfly Clicking

Another amazing method that will insanely improve how fast you can click is the Butterfly Clicking. Privately, I find it is easier and faster than the Jitter click but that depends on the way you perform it.

Usually, with butterfly clicking, you can gain a click speed of 15 to 25 CPS (that’s insane!!).

Drag Clicking

One more quick way to score better on the clicking speed test is Drag Clicking. Using the friction between the mouse surface and your finger, you can bring even 100s of clicks in a couple of seconds.

Just drag your finger from the lid of the arch of the mouse to the edge of the mouse button in a manner that as you move down, the button is pushed enough to register a click.

Though it is the quickest method to register more clicks in less time, I do not suggest this for games practically. Reason – It’s EXTREMELY difficult to aim with Drag clicking. But, for scoring in the Kohi Click test, you can go for this method.


1. What is Kohi?

Kohi is a Minecraft server favorite for its Hand Core Factions game mode, one of the usable methods of click test also called ‘Kohi’. In easy words, it’s a Minecraft gaming server favorite among gamers and players.

2. What is the average score of the Kohi Click test?

By using the technique of the Kohi click test, the Average score that users can create is 4-6 clicks per second.

3. What is the world record for the Kohi Click test?

In the Kohi Click test, the world record for most clicks in a time break of 5 seconds is 15.4 CPS.

4. What’s the ratio of Kohi Click Test in 1 second?

Players can calculate the percentage of clicks per second by this technique. The ratio of clicks in the Kohi Click test in 1 second is 6 clicks per second, users can effortlessly do 6 clicks per second.

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